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Being Thankful

Thankful for God giving me the desire to write! That inspire that is given deep in our soul, that desire to do what you love to do- comes from Him.

Christmas is coming!

Hello friends, it’s been awhile since I have posted! Been a very busy past year. With Christmas coming thought I would post a link to my Christmas book. Only .99. I hope to write more posts for my followers. Thank you all for your support.

God Bless,


Christmas Alphabet Book:

Last chance!

Last chance to pick up my Rhyming Alphabet Book for free. It will go on sale after this week for only .99 cents.

A new revised book will be coming!

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Thanks for your support!!

Amazing I mean AMAZING God!

Ok… So here is a story that will shows there truly is a God!

Our family decided to have bible study this past week. I was amazed to see how eager my kids were wanting to read the word.

We all decided to pick our own scriptures we wanted to read. I will say we have had a stressful few months lately waiting to get a buyer for our house. So tired of constantly keeping it shiny and new for each potential buyer; so it was very nice to have a calm sit down scripture reading together. We are told to cast our doubts, our fears, our worries on our Savior and the other night we were at the end of our ropes. We know to trust Him and put our absolute faith in Him yet it’s easier said than done. I am learning to be a Spiritual leader in my home and I knew it was time for us all to get together. One main question I asked was, “do you truly believe in Christ?” And everyone’s answer was “yes”. Then the next statement from me was “then if we truly believe in Him and have faith in what the word says then God will answer our prayers in His time.”

So we get to reading the scripture and my daughter wanted to read from Matthew. So she picked Matthew 6:19 which reads: Don’t store your treasures here on earth where moths and rust will destroy them….

And right after that a moth started flying around the center of our table. He kept coming to visit our scripture reading. And finally he landed…

He landed right on my wife’s bible.

He landed right next to the word– faith!!

We all got chills and was in awe. That was such an awesome feeling.

Now… I told you or house was for sale. Well our realtor called us Friday night and said one of the couples who came to our first open house a few months ago was still interested in our house. They didn’t have a realtor so our realtor showed them our house today. We cleaned, washed, made our home absolutely top notch for them.

They made an offer on our home!

There were a few things we wanted to negotiate because we wouldn’t need them for our new home.

Our realtor wrote up a contract agreed between us and the buyer that included those exact items that we didn’t even mention to them.

We sold our home!

That was all in a weeks time. The week prior to this we went to visit a fertility doctor who told us the cost for fertility treatments. We want a baby so very badly. Our kids are her step children but the only steps in our home are made of carpet. Our news on the treatments I think is what led us to our bible study that night.

So with our house sold hopefully we can move into a smaller home and start saving more money as we believe God will bless us with our baby. All the glory belongs to Him.

That is my true story. May you all who doubt as we all do know that there is a King, a Heavenly Father that knows your needs. They will not be given to us when we want them but in His perfect timing. Because all His ways are perfect.

Thank you all for prayers!
God Bless!

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Any reviews I would appreciate so much!
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New book title and FREE

Free book for now available on and soon on iTunes. Get yours now:

Happy Easter to you all!
Jesus is Risen and no tomb could keep this wonderful man down!
I pray you all have a blessed Easter Day today!

Simple Pleasures

It is here! Available now on Amazon at:

Beautiful written and drawn by me! ;)

I have it sent off to iTunes as well for FREE once it gets approved I will let you know. It will be FREE for a limited time through iTunes.

I cannot seem to figure out just yet how to make it FREE on Amazon. But it’s only 1.99 and a very lengthy 50 plus page book you’re little ones will enjoy. Plus it helps support me writing more books. :)

Check it out and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

Thanks and God Bless!

My thoughts at this very moment

It is a slow process to start fully reading the Bible. Being honest here. I can quote so many things about Jesus and how great He is and how much He means to me and He DOES! I’m starting to fully get closer to Him in which I’m hoping to get more well “versed” in my learning so I can share the joy He has given to me. I am far from where I would love to be. I am a sinner and I’m learning and it’s going to take time. I cannot jump into being the man God is calling me to be. It’s a development through time, patience and prayer.

I’m also working towards possibly changing my blog name. I love books! I love writing books! But most importantly I love Jesus and what He has done for me! So I think I want to try to incorporate Jesus into my blog by changing the name of my blog. I am thinking about how I can truly blog about something inspiring like Inspirational words, Jesus and how I love books. So that’s where I am at this point in my life and I’m feeling pretty good about it. :)

I also hope to start writing more on my blog and I promise it will get more interesting. I still love writing books and hoping to sell more ebooks but I want to do it the right way. I don’t want to push any books your way so I’m gonna learn better ways to promote while not being so annoying.

I am working in another “simple” Children’s book that will be #free the first few weeks then only .99 cents. For those who may be interested. I have had fun creating it and I believe your child will love it! One special thing about the book is that the parents will have to spend time and read it to their children. :-) just wait n see! Coming out within a few weeks on iTunes and hopefully Amazon.

So there you have it! Thanks for reading and I’ll be back soon! ;)
Enjoy my animal imagination pic. :)

God Bless!!!


I thought I was awesome!

I was busy working. I was concentrating really hard on my work. There was nothing that was going to distract me. I was on a mission. A mission to get my paperwork done before the end of the work day. I was pure awesomeness with my ability to conquer those stack of papers when all of a sudden this black floating thing was flying right before my face. I immediately clapped my hands knowing I finally got that bothersome gnat. “You get it?” A coworker of mine asked. “Yep!” I responded. After all, I was one stellar fellow being able to tackle that paperwork concentrating so hard and kill a gnat on top of that! Then I looked down and realized I was not so awesome at all. The gnat I supposedly killed was just a floating black piece of fuzz. Oh well… See enclosed pic.


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