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Christian Novel Series

Several have asked the status of my upcoming book and when it will become available.

A new website introducing my first novel in a faith based fiction book series is in the works.  The first book will be coming soon in 2017!  It will be available in paperback, hardcover and an E-book.

To give you a little synopsis, the first book introduces new beginnings and life changes that we all can relate in some way.  It’s about love, faith, hope, joy and forgiveness.  It’s about pain, loss, disappointment and doubt.  It’s about trying to understand and realize that you alone cannot handle what life throws at you and that you ultimately need to lay your weary body down at the foot of the cross and surrender to the only one who can bring you peace for whatever trials you are faced with.  But then again, It’s just not that simple.  Or is it?

The book series will take you on a journey that you very well could be on right now.

Stay tuned and stay loved!


Saturday beauty! 

What a beautiful day to spend some quality time writing.

One more chapter to go till book one is finished. Such an amazing feeling to see it all come together. 

It’s almost done!

With just three chapters left to complete book one of my book series, I am super excited! I’m amazed at how the book is coming along and can thank none other than God above. When I gave my life to Him I have never ever been the same since. He has guided me several years through this journey to prepare a life changing story for…  Stay tuned friends. 

Thanksgiving love

Happy Thanksgiving! I’m very thankful for all my family and friends. I hope you all have an amazing turkey day today. 
I know sometimes the holidays can also bring back painful memories and it may seem as if no matter what someone says or does, the pain is still real and very deep and it feels like there is nothing to be thankful for. I pray you feel the everlasting LOVE around you that is real and that you are comforted by His hands and know there are people out there who care and are praying for you and they may not even know you. I wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving.
God bless,